How to know if your car has a GPS tracker

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car gps tracker

Your car is one of your most prized possessions and it is completely normal that you seek to secure it. Thus, there is a device which allows the holder of a vehicle to be able to follow it and control certain parameters which give it its integrity. The name given to this device is the gps tracker. However, some people with questionable intentions can take control of your car by installing the hardware. It is therefore up to the owner to ensure that this is not the case.

In reality what is a GPS tracker?

It is common that you observe in spy movies that we can follow a car from a distance or perform other actions. However, this is not fiction, it is quite possible to accomplish its feats in reality. The merit goes to a device called GPS tracker which is usually a small piece of equipment that can be easily hidden anywhere on a car. However, there are different models of this equipment depending on how much you are willing to pay.

The tracker operates using a battery, when the latter is low, physical intervention is required to replace it. So, with technology GPS, the location data is transmitted by the transmitter to a satellite. Also, the receiver that makes up the GPS tracker receives data through a GSM service. This amounts to saying that the cellular services of a GSM operator will be requested to operate a GPS tracker.

How is the existence of a GPS tracker on the car checked?

It may happen that you have the impression of being followed each time in your various movements. This may be because you have a bug on your car. Nevertheless, there is no reason to panic. By following these tips, you will be able to know if your vehicle is being tracked.

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Verification is done inside as well as outside, so the first place to look is wheel. Indeed, it’s not the most suitable place to hide a GPS tracker, but a check of the four wheels allows you to be sure. At this point, check the brakes well so that there are no other devices present.

Then you need to inspect the rear bumper, the landing gear, the roof, any part of the vehicle having the possibility of concealing equipment. So you’ll be looking for a device with wires that won’t work when hidden too deep or under metal plates.

Finally, you have to inspect the interior of the car, insisting on all removable parts such as the seats, the headrest, etc.

Is it legal to install a GPS tracker on a vehicle?

On this subject, the law is not fixed, but it is necessary to have a good reason like being a parent, or in the course of business activities. Thus, tracking a vehicle for which you do not have ownership rights is generally an illegal act. However, in exceptional cases this may constitute a controlled act; for example in the context of a police investigation.

In any case, to avoid falling under the yoke of the law, it is imperative to be aware of local laws and ordinances.

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