The best ultrasonic dog repellents in May 2022

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Whether it’s yours or the neighbour’s, it’s completely understandable that you don’t want it hanging around in certain places. A dog repellent is the best solution to this problem. Let’s speed up your search for the best solution against dogs with this comparative buying guide of the best models.

What is an ultrasonic dog repellent?

The ultrasonic dog repellent is an accessory that produces a sound frequency in order to scare the animal away without appearing as an enemy and without hurting it.

This type of device uses real ultrasound waves audible only by the animals to be targeted.

Depending on the type of device used, it may be possible to adjust the transmitted frequency yourself.

The best ultrasonic dog repellents

The ultrasounds against the most successful dogs of the moment are presented in this comparison table.

Repellent Trainer for…

INNISTO Repellent Cat…

Ultrasonic Devices for…

Ultrasonic Cat Repeller,…

Why buy an ultrasonic repeller?

Keep dogs away from the garden

An ultrasound is a very high-pitched sound causing discomfort without causing the slightest pain in the animal. In the case of ultrasonic dog repellent, its use is recommended to keep dogs away from the neighborhood.

It works on the same principle as a collar against barking. It is usually placed on the doorstep or in another place in your garden. The waves coming from the device deter dogs from coming into your garden.

Often, it happens that the dogs of the neighbors come to do their business in your garden. The latter can also play there and damage your plants and plants. Normally, this dog-repelling device works within a radius of 20m. It is an effective and safe device regardless of the size and breed of dog you are targeting.

Train the dogs

Dog repellent is a proven method for dog training. The ultrasonic signal can be coded according to your request.

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He can emit short, long, repeated, unique signals… the main thing is that the language is perfectly clear for the animal to be trained, in this case the dog. This practice is learned and requires time to adapt. After a period of repetition, your canine companion will have understood what you expected of him.

The use of a training technique using ultrasound is more easily transmitted to young dogs, this should be taken into account when training. However, this is not exclusive, each dog reacts differently to the training given to them according to their breed and their experience. As with all training, the best results are obtained by starting the initiation with puppies.

live peacefully

If you don’t have a dog, but your neighbors do, the anti-dog ultrasonic box is the neighborhood accessory to have. The waves coming from the device prevent the dog from barking.

Since the range of the latter is quite far, you can be sure that the dogs in your neighborhood will not disturb you.

Some devices emit ultrasound as soon as a dog begins to bark in its action area. Your nights will therefore be peaceful, no noise will disturb you. Many dog ​​repellents can also repel cats.

Felines like cats often tend to climb on the roof. Then they start meowing all the time. This behavior is not often disturbing except when the tone of the sound is strong and the cat cries for long minutes. In this scenario, you may be exhausted because you woke up in the middle of a sleep or your baby has just gone to bed.

How to choose your dog repellent?

Depending on its scope

The range of an ultrasonic dog repellent varies from model to model. This parameter varies according to the power of the frequencies emitted by the device.

Since there are different types of ultrasound to repel dogs, the range of the device also varies depending on this second point. When the frequency is low, it increases the range of the repellent. The latter can reach 450 m2 for the most powerful and efficient models.

For personal use, a model emitting ultrasound over at least 15 meters is more than enough. If you have a large enough property, place the repeller a good distance from your fence. The main thing is that animals cannot cross your garden. In any case, it is better that the repellent can act from afar in order to prevent your garden from serving as a refuge for neighborhood dogs or stray dogs.

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Depending on how it works

An ultrasound against dogs can work in several ways. There are devices that are always active even if no dog is hanging around.

Then there are those that emit ultrasound only when a dog approaches. That is to say, it operates in “sleep” mode when no animal comes too close to your garden. That’s thanks to the motion sensor built into the rest of the repeller’s components.

The downside with an all-weather model is that it may get dogs used to the ultrasound it emits. Over time, the animals will no longer feel any discomfort and will still end up encrusting themselves in your exterior.

Depending on its tightness

If your ultrasonic repeller is placed in the garden without any support to shelter it, it must be robust and waterproof. It will always be exposed to climate variations involving significant temperature changes.

Its case must then be made of a robust material such as ABS plastic, stainless steel or stainless steel. It is important to pay attention to this detail, because the life of your ultrasonic dog repellent depends on it. When the construction material is of good quality, the material will be resistant to rust and external aggressions such as pollution, dust, hail…

If the case of your equipment is of poor quality, it may deteriorate after some time and let water or insects through. This can reduce the repellent’s effectiveness or render it completely useless.

To buy an ultrasound against dogs of good quality, consider the parameters that we have indicated in the selection criteria. The purchase of this device is essential when you have several dogs in the neighborhood who can disturb your peace. The dog repellent helps you protect your garden from unwanted visitors who need it.

Ultrasonic dog repellents on sale

Looking for the best promotions? Find your happiness with the following brands.

Types of ultrasonic dog repellents

The portable repellent

It is a portable device that you can use in different ways. It can come in the form of a collar and serve as an anti-bark collar when placed around the pet’s neck. The repellent in the form of a whistle is mainly intended for dog training.

It can be used both inside and outside the house. It will help you to rectify the bad behavior of the animal. For example, if he steals food or jumps on you when he sees you, the whistle is used to calm him down and send him a message to educate him.

Hunters use it to remind their dogs when they go in search of game and other animals.

The fixed repellent

It is a device essentially intended for the protection of your garden or your property. The ultrasounds it emits are effective in keeping away stray animals and those in the vicinity.

It may also annoy or scare away other animals like squirrels and cats which may interfere with your well-being.

To prevent the animal from adapting to ultrasound, choose a model that emits it intermittently. Its use does not require your permanent presence as is the case with the portable model.

How much does an ultrasonic repellent cost?

The ultrasonic dog repellent is available for sale at garden centers or some pet stores. Otherwise, you can directly make your purchase online or on a specialized site. For your purchase, you will need on average between 20 and 60 euros. During promotional periods, you will be able to find yours for much less.

How to use an ultrasonic repellent?

The use of an ultrasonic dog repellent will mainly depend on your purpose in using it. Most of these deterrent function devices are installed directly in the garden.

What is not remote control or whistle, you will need to activate them manually or by whistling into it.

If your repeller is adjustable, choose a frequency taking into account the indications of the user manual of the device. It is important to read the instructions carefully in order to use your equipment correctly. If no prior adjustment is necessary, simply switch on the device.

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