Which brand to choose for a BMX?

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the BMX or Bicycle motocross continues to gain a large number of followers. Since its appearance at the Olympic Games in 2008, this sport has experienced growing popularity in the four corners of the world.

As a result of this spectacular growth, manufacturers are competing in inventiveness to present BMX in trade. However, not all available items are created equal. If you want to know the best brand, this article quotes you the leaders of BMX. You are also shown the most reliable platforms and distributors.

The big BMX manufacturers

While Asian brands are known for their bicycle frames, the French are also making their mark in international trade with their BMX quality. There are many French manufacturers competing in this market.

pulse is one of the leaders launching BMX Racing top of the line. Based in Montbrison in the Loire, the company is not limited only to the design of bicycles. It also distributes all their accessories and components. Its specialty lies above all in the construction of wheels, not only for the BMXbut also for cyclocross and road biking.

That said, almost fans of this extreme sport know the quality of BMX of the brand Sunn. The latter made its debut in 1982 by Max Commençal. Its head office is in Machecoul, in Loire Atlantique.

The company manages to produce up to 5,000 BMX per year. These are among its best-selling references in the trade. By the way, if you can’t find the right store with BMXplease read our article: List of BMX stores in France.

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In addition to the major brands, you can discover many bicycle manufacturing workshops in France. We distinguish by way of illustration: Les Trois Roues et Plus, Vagabonde Cycles and Cyfac. They are so proud to qualify their products with the mention: made in France.

Anyway, some American brands win the admiration of buyers, because of the quality of their articles. If you are demanding in terms of robustness, mongoose will be able to satisfy your needs, thanks to its BMX light, but strong.

Easterntoo, does not stop offering BMX premium for over 20 years. They come with a long-term warranty. In the event of a problem, the brand will repair them free of charge.

The best BMX sales sites

To surprise a child, there is nothing like offering him a nice bike. If yours is a thrill seeker, a BMX will make a great gift. To find it as quickly as possible, simply place your order online. You just need to find the right platform.

There are currently a number of brands specializing in e-commerce. Amazon is the great leader among the leaders of sales sites. The company was started in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. It was in 2000 that it opened its French subsidiary. In 2016, it won the title of the first non-food retailer in the country.

Amazon offers countless BMX for all budgets and all ages. You will have a great chance of spotting a model for your child. In this regard, do not hesitate to read our article on: What BMX for a 12 year old.

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Besides that, many buyers prefer to buy from Intersport, thanks to its quality references, but at an attractive cost. This business group specializes in the trade of sports equipment from major brands.

Based in Bern, Switzerland, it was founded by Jurg Stucki in 1968. Currently, it can be spotted in 66 countries with 5,600 stores. Whether you are looking for BMX freestyle, BMX racing Where Junior BMXthere is something for all disciplines and all sizes.

As Intersport, Decathlon is a French company specializing in the sale of equipment and sporting goods. It brings together up to thirty brands and markets independent brands as well as products manufactured by its brands.

With more than 2,193 stores in 57 countries, it is no surprise that its turnover reached more than 3 billion euros in 2019. Decathlon does not only offer BMX, but also helmets and accessories at the best price. Due to the infinity of its offer, you will easily find the product that meets your expectations.

Created in 1998, Cdiscount also plays an important role in international e-commerce. This French company markets a wide range of BMX from the most recognized brands. Many people appreciate its services, because of the quality of its customer service. Currently, it offers more than 100 million products all over the world.

Since its inception, the site eBay also wins great success in the international market. You can count on him to find the good BMX. It suggests a myriad of models with affordable cost. Its headquarters are in San José, California, but it is home to around a million stores spread across the universe.

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Other BMX Specialty Shops

France has no shortage of sports shops on every corner. BMX Avenue is one of the most famous commercial establishments. In Mauguio, it offers a diversity of articles up to 6000 pieces with more than 250 brands. He takes care of the delivery of your bike which is already set up and ready to ride.

If you live around Normandy, The Three Wheels impresses you with its wide range of BMX and complete accessories. Located in rue de Falaise, 14000 Caen, its founder Paul Varchon opened the store in 2014 after creating an online store reserved for BMX.

Manual BMX Shop is also starting to become very well known in the French market, with its variety of sporting goods. Located at 14 Cr d’Alsace-et-Lorraine, 33000 Bordeaux, the store is full of BMX of professional quality. Likewise, it markets useful accessories such as chain, fork, grip, handlebar, rim, saddle and many more.

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